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Open minds and open spaces stimulate change to enhance life in all its forms and functions. Studio 12 Interiors imbue the creative qualities to manifest this change. View Services

Innovative design accompanied with the perfect structure to suit exactly what you are looking for.


Studio Twelve Interiors work with their surroundings and existing resources to adopt a philosophy of creating exceptionally beautiful interior design spaces to promote inner harmony.

Our creative inspiration is drawn from whatever we are presented with to take that existing space and turn it into a magical living or working area that dissolves stress. A relaxed mind produces the best results with the least effort.

We work differently.

With conceptual design & decisions, we create value for each project.

Studio Twelve Interiors listens to their client’s voices and hear what they say. We evaluate their personalities and deliver an interior outcome to complement their surroundings with an extension of who they are. We believe human connections are essential in the creative process to provide designs that exemplify additional value.
Studio Twelve Interiors engages in in-depth research when working on projects. We work in close association with clients to understand their mandates and make use of reputable artisans who are adored for their exemplary work. We conduct extensive research to manage the project from start to finish, while ensuring creative designs, resources, budgets and timelines are strictly adhered to.
Conceptualization of the outcome is accomplished with client collaboration. Spaces are evaluated in terms of size, form, light and client preferences. Our team brainstorms to arrive at a vision of the finished product. We draw inspiration from a multitude of sources to deliver this conceptualization, which is transformed into an exceptional reality to augment the material environment.
The design phase forms the foundation of the desired end result. The Studio Twelve Interiors team considers this the most crucial phase but also the most exciting stage of new projects. Our imaginations are sparked, creativity lights up and enthusiasm drives innovation to harness the opportunities presented within available structures, forms and colors to contrast, invent and deliver a brilliant product.

How we work

Proven Creative Processes Generate Extraordinary Outcomes.



Inspired creativity is the basis of the successful interior design project.



Form follows concept to generate the framework to guide the new design concept.


Detailed Design

Developing the details and rounding off the concept holistically.



Close supervision and guidance with exceptional control to complete the creative process.


Milestones that we proudly accomplished & lead us forward.




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